Who fixed the fake child rape story at Idomeni?

As a reader of our website informed us, Daily Mail caused all the confussion with the so-called rape attempt of an underage refugee by an adult refugee and naturally our local media reported the news without checking if they are true.

[If you don’t want to click on these rags, look at these print-screen photos]

In particular, DM posted this on 17/3 [see it here]


Then the first one to publish it in Greece was the well-known nazi all-around man Themos Anastasiadis and his website protothema.gr


The first «reportage» was by Jake Wallis Simons.

And of course, he didn’t even bother to cover this story in a serious and reliable way. Did he actually ask the translators? The child’s parents? The stigmatized refugee himself? Obviously not. He just didn’t care.

But what really happened?

We copy from the govenrment friendly news site Kouti tis Pandoras:


The truth behind the «rape» in Idomeni

The little girl was to one of the few toilets for the vast amount of refugees.

The unlucky refugee, without knowing that the girl was inside, tried to open the door and as a result she started screaming, taken by surprise.

The crowd, obviously exhausted and tarnished by this whole nerve-wracking situation, reacted without having the facts checked and started hitting the poor man.

Thanks to the interference of the members of the volunteering organisations and the police, things cooled off.

The until then suspect was handed over to the police and he was also interrogated with the help of a translator, along with the little girl, which denied though that she was assaulted, so the man was released.

As a source of koutipandoras.gr, who is a part of an NGO in the camp, stated, the psychology of the mass and the intensional search by some media for rapists refugees and migrants had as a result an unfortunate event to be magnified.


As you understand the racist behaviout by the media is not only a greek phenomenon. It lies everywhere. In England it’s the tabloit news paper. What matters is to spread the truth.

We must not let anyone spread lies about refugees.

Refugees welcome-Racist scums sod off




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