Chios: Inhuman detention conditions for refugees at VIAL factory camp

Acoording to what many people from different organisations saw at VIAL in Chios until today things are bad and they are getting even worse rapidly. In the detention area you can see full disorganisation, as further commans and details are waited from above. The ones in custody are there from 21/3, left without any kind of informaton and supervision, even though they are practically prisoners, prohibited to leave the area.

When we talk about prisoners, we mean around 1200 people that are basically locked and abandoned inside an immense area, where they should alone find a place to sleep. Many of them sleep exposed, outside the listing area, since they weren’t on time to find a place in some of the buildings. Maybe, during the day, things will be relatively at peace, but in the afternoon all the members of the organisations ,which take action there, but also the authorities retire.

The police is the only one who stays in order to guard the exterior during the night but they declare themselves non relevant for the management of the place, and typically is right, as the jurisdiction is ambiguous because of the legal gap, which arises from the lack of lesiglation for the former hot-spots. The government today claimed that the hot-spot issue would be legislated at once, in order to normalise the institutional gaps and irregularities, which create this chaotic situation. In the meantime though, there are many people in grave danger.

Inside the VIAL area are located families, frail people, as women all-alone or others,whose physical integrity is endangered, especially the night hours. Confrontational incidents have already taken place inside the area the past nights, occasioned by the shortage of food and information.

Last night this video was released, in which we can see the food ration at VIAL been held through a hole on the wires of the fence.

Basically, by the informations we have collected from people who have actually seen the place, the VIAL area is described as a ghetto, in which in a very short period of time things could go off the rails.

The status that has been established on those people is more likely to be illegal and abusive, since they have not been served deportation or detention papers. The current situation puts their life at high risk and that is something we cannot leave hunging in the air or without further direct investigation. How could we not ask the politicians what they think they are doing at VIAL?



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