Lesbos: Asylum application rejected as inadmissible because ‘Turkey is a Safe Country’

A couple of documents were made public last night by a volunteer at her personal facebook profile. Those documents are exact legal copies, showing that the Greek state is so lame that gets to the point of denying asylum to a refugee, not on the basis that they are not meeting the requirements, but because ‘Turkey is a safe country’, so they do not need asylum in Greece and can be deported back to Turkey.

We need to note that these documents are a proof that there is a problem in the procedural part as well. It is claimed that the refugees have five days at their disposal to appeal, whilst the EU Court states that the appeal margin is at least 15 days long.

The refugees who wish to apply for asylum should be informed that they also need to state whether they belong to the LGTBQ community, or whether they are ethnic Kurds, or whether they belong to any other group that needs asylum (as if being a war refugee is not a good enough reason to be granted asylum, according to the morons of the Greek state).

The document that states that Turkey is a safe country:


and the document that states that the asylum applicant has only 5 days to appeal the decision:


Finally, for the millionth time we need to point out that Turkey IS NOT a safe country for the refugees. See here, here and here why the refugees should not be deported back to Turkey.



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