Lesbos,Greece: Police evicts self-organized refugee camp


The Greek state continues to target solidarity projects. Yesterday it was the Soli-cafe in Chios that was evicted by the police and today it was NoBorderKitchen’s turn in Lesbos.

For months, in the city of Mytilene, a group of solidarity activists, constituted by locals and foreigners, created a project where refugees could find a plate of food and a place to sleep. But today, the Greek police, the Municipality of Lesbos and a judge, evicted the place, arrested somewhat 400 refugees and sent them to Moria detention camp in order to be deported to Turkey.

[Photos by NoBorders]

A month ago the Greek Police had threatened the NoBorderKitchen activists with evacuation and today did not allow journalists to be present during the operation.

Τrucks of Lesbos Municipality destroy the NoBorderKitchen project’s structures-Source: amna.gr




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