Nazis of Golden Dawn will not be trialled for pogrom against migrants in May, 2011

After filing a petition to the office of the public prosecutor to the court of first instance, regarding the lawsuit about the racist pogrom that took place on May 2011, the same day (14/4/2016), the prosecutor decided the filing of the case- and as for the part of it that was judged that criminal actions were performed – it found its place in the archive of “unknown perpetrators”. Even if somebody tries to recover it, after the 12/5/2016 there will be practically no consequences since the offences will have been expunged.

pogrom2The “unknown perpetrators”

It is worth noting that the very day of the commencement of the National Committee against racism and intolerance, the president of the committee and Human Rights secretary general of the Ministry of Justice, Mr. Kostis Papaioannou, referred to the pogrom of May 11th saying:

“Today’s event is also an apology on behalf of the state towards the victims of racist violence and their families. A public collective apology for Shehzad Luqman, the Egyptian fishery workers, the anonymous victims of homophobic and transphobic violence, the unknown Muslims who fell victims at the pogrom of 20111 that we watched on our tv’s. But also an apology for Pavlos Fyssas, an emblematic victim of intolerance and bigotry.

It seems like the State is content just by apologizing for the pogrom victims (which by the way, are not “unknown Muslims”, since their names are recorded at the files of the National Emergencies Center). But an apology that is not being accompanied by justice, is a fraudulent apology. And even worse: without justice, racist crimes will happen again.


Our comment: We also remind you that two days after the pogrom, a young man from Bangladesh was stabbed half hour after midnight at Kato Patisia. His name was Alim Abdul Manan. His killers are still walking free in the streets of Athens.

We should also remind Mr Mitsotakis[leader of the opposition] and all his far-right mob of New Democracy, that yesterday in the parliament, during the discussion on “National Security”, their only worry was how to target the anarchists while for all these incidents they didn’t speak a word.



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