Borlänge, Sweden: A Black Woman raises her fist in front of 330 nazis marching in town.

330 neonazis of the Nordic Resistance Party, paraded at the city of Borlänge in Dalarna province in Sweden. The nazis tried to rally for this parade other fellow nazists from neighboring countries but failed to mobilize them.

During the parade, a black woman, who is a member of Dalarna against Racism, stood right in front of them, raising her fist.

A gif made by AnonSweden

Glory and honour to this woman. Let this action of hers become an example for us to imitate in the struggle against fascism. Let us resist to fascism in any way we can without cowering.

The resistance to fascism is not only the combative anti-fascism but any act directed against discrimination and oppression.

Photo: David Lagerlöf //

Be like her.

[with infos from]

Translated from Greek to English by Diastimogato



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